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Western North Carolina Conference - Catawba Valley District

General District Info
Phone: 704-865-3580
Phy. Address: 166 East Main Ave Gastonia, NC 28052
Mail. Address: 166 East Main Ave Gastonia, NC 28052
Fax: 704-866-9792
District Abbreviation: CV
Angela Pleasants - District Superintendent
Phone: 704-865-3580
Email: APleasants@wnccumc.org
District Staff
Jana Alexander - District Office Administrator
Phone: 704-865-3580
Email: JAlexander@wnccumc.org
Kim Shockley - District Church Vitality Strategist
Phone: 704-865-3580
Email: KShockley@wnccumc.org
District Statistics
Total Number of Churches: 165
Total Number of Appointed Clergy: 146
Total Membership: 39,898
Average Membership: 245
Total Attendance: 16,469
Average Attendance: 101
Avg. Church School Attendance: 45
United Methodist Men: 2,203
United Methodist Women: 4,099
GCFA DcNo   Name Charge Name
300025        CV-005.0 Abernethy Memorial (Newton) Abernethy Memorial (Newton)
297006        CV-010.0 Abernethy Memorial (Rutherford College) Abernethy Memorial (Rutherford College)
294162        CV-015.0 Aldersgate (Shelby) Aldersgate (Shelby)
296228        CV-020.0 Arneys Fairview (Morganton) Arneys Fairview (Morganton)
293021        CV-025.0 Asbury (Lincolnton) Asbury (Lincolnton)
293123        CV-035.1 Bess Chapel (Cherryville) Bess Chapel - Bethlehem (Lincolnton)
294058        CV-220.2 Bethel (Denver) Fairfield - Bethel (Denver)
296310        CV-049.1 Bethel (Dysartsville) Bethel - Mount Pleasant - Zion Memorial
299767        CV-055.1 Bethel (Hickory) Bethel (Hickory) - St. John's
296558        CV-045.0 Bethel (Morganton) Bethel (Morganton)
293203        CV-060.1 Bethesda (Gastonia) Bethesda - Cramer Memorial - Lowell/Smyr...
299528        CV-065.0 Bethlehem (Claremont) Bethlehem (Claremont)
293225        CV-035.2 Bethlehem (Lincolnton) Bess Chapel - Bethlehem (Lincolnton)
293351        CV-070.1 Beulah (Shelby) Beulah-Concord
293260        CV-075.0 Boger City (Lincolnton) Boger City (Lincolnton)
288057        CV-082.1 Boiling Springs (Boiling Springs) Boiling Springs - Hoyle Memorial
296434        CV-085.1 Bollinger's Chapel (Valdese) Bollinger's-Warlick's
293500        CV-090.0 Bradley Memorial (Gastonia) Bradley Memorial (Gastonia)
967642        CV-095.0 Brevard's Chapel (Denver) Brevard's Chapel (Denver)
968544        CV-100.1 Brook's Chapel (Polkville) Brook's Chapel - Mundy's Chapel
967653        CV-105.0 Brown's Chapel (Catawba) Brown's Chapel (Catawba)
292653        CV-110.1 Burge Memorial (Mount Holly) Burge Memorial - Rock Hill (Mount Holly)
296913        CV-450.1 Burke Chapel (Hickory) Mount Harmony - Burke Chapel
293282        CV-115.1 Casar (Casar) Casar - Polkville
299483        CV-120.0 Catawba (Catawba) Catawba (Catawba)
299461        CV-125.0 Center (Catawba) Center (Catawba)
293681        CV-130.0 Central (Kings Mountain) Central (Kings Mountain)
294184        CV-135.0 Central (Shelby) Central (Shelby)
296478        CV-150.0 Christ (Drexel) Christ (Drexel)
293613        CV-140.0 Christ (Gastonia) Christ (Gastonia)
299778        CV-145.0 Christ (Hickory) Christ (Hickory)
293464        CV-605.1 Clover Hill (Lawndale) West Casar (Clover Hill, Mount Moriah, N...
293340        CV-070.2 Concord (Bessemer City) Beulah-Concord
299563        CV-155.0 Concord (Catawba) Concord (Catawba)
293646        CV-157.0 Covenant (Gastonia) Covenant (Gastonia)
293362        CV-060.2 Cramer Memorial (Camerton) Bethesda - Cramer Memorial - Lowell/Smyr...
293418        CV-165.1 Crouse (Crouse) Crouse-Pleasant Grove
293407        CV-170.1 Crowell Memorial (Lincolnton) Crowell Memorial-Palm Tree
294413        CV-610.1 David's Chapel (Lawndale) West Lincoln (David's Chapel, Hebron, La...
296855        CV-175.0 Denton's Chapel (Morganton) Denton's Chapel (Morganton)
294071        CV-180.0 Denver (Denver) Denver (Denver)
293737        CV-185.1 Double Shoals (Double Shoals) Double Shoals - Rehobeth - St. Paul's (S...
968522        CV-190.1 Durham (Shelby) Durham-Philadelphia
293043        CV-195.0 Ebenezer (Belmont) Ebenezer (Belmont)
968008        CV-200.0 Ebenezer (Denver) Ebenezer (Denver)
300173        CV-205.0 Ebenezer (Vale) Ebenezer (Vale)
293442        CV-210.1 El Bethel (Kings Mtn.) El Bethel - Grace (Kings Mountain)
967733        CV-215.1 Epworth (Gastonia) Epworth (Gastonia) - Mount Pleasant (Sta...
294014        CV-220.1 Fairfield (Denver) Fairfield - Bethel (Denver)
293065        CV-230.0 First (Belmont) First (Belmont)
293167        CV-257.1 First (Bessemer City) First (Gastonia) - First (Bessemer City)
293305        CV-240.0 First (Cherryville) First (Cherryville)
299585        CV-245.0 First (Conover) First (Conover)
293420        CV-250.0 First (Dallas) First (Dallas)
293544        CV-257.2 First (Gastonia) First (Gastonia) - First (Bessemer City)
299780        CV-260.0 First (Hickory) First (Hickory)
296582        CV-265.0 First (Hildebran) First (Hildebran)
293761        CV-270.0 First (Lincolnton) First (Lincolnton)
299916        CV-275.0 First (Maiden) First (Maiden)
296764        CV-280.0 First (Morganton) First (Morganton)
293943        CV-285.0 First (Mount Holly) First (Mount Holly)
300047        CV-290.0 First (Newton) First (Newton)
294322        CV-295.0 First (Stanley) First (Stanley)
297165        CV-300.0 First (Valdese) First (Valdese)
296503        CV-315.1 Friendship (Connelly Springs) Friendship (Connelly Springs) - Shady Gr...
293486        CV-305.0 Friendship (Fallston) Friendship (Fallston)
299472        CV-310.0 Friendship (Newton) Friendship (Newton)
967972        CV-320.1 Galilee (Kings Mountain) Galilee - St. Paul (Kings Mountain)
296547        CV-325.0 Glen Alpine (Glen Alpine) Glen Alpine (Glen Alpine)
293704        CV-210.2 Grace (Kings Mountain) El Bethel - Grace (Kings Mountain)
967744        CV-330.1 Hartzell Memorial (Hickory) Hartzell Memorial - McQueen's Chapel
294424        CV-610.2 Hebron (Vale) West Lincoln (David's Chapel, Hebron, La...
293668        CV-335.1 High Shoals (High Shoals) High Shoals-Iron Station
299803        CV-340.0 Highland (Hickory) Highland (Hickory)
293852        CV-345.0 Hill's Chapel (Stanley) Hill's Chapel (Stanley)
967926        CV-350.0 Hinton Memorial (Lincolnton) Hinton Memorial (Lincolnton)
294275        CV-355.1 Hoey Memorial (Shelby) Hoey Memorial-Sulphur Springs
299847        CV-360.0 Hopewell (Sherrills Ford) Hopewell (Sherrills Ford)
294207        CV-082.2 Hoyle Memorial (Shelby) Boiling Springs - Hoyle Memorial
293032        CV-335.2 Iron Station (Iron Station) High Shoals-Iron Station
293817        CV-370.0 Ivey Memorial (Maiden) Ivey Memorial (Maiden)
293076        CV-030.1 Kadesh (Lawndale) Belwood (Kadesh, Knob Creek, St. Peter's...
293293        CV-375.1 Kistler's (Lawndale) Kistler's-Lawndale
293098        CV-030.2 Knob Creek (Lawndale) Belwood (Kadesh, Knob Creek, St. Peter's...
293054        CV-380.1 Laboratory (Lincolnton) Laboratory-Mary's Grove
294220        CV-385.0 Lafayette Street (Shelby) Lafayette Street (Shelby)
293750        CV-392.1 Lander's Chapel (Lincolnton) Lander's Chapel (Lincolnton) - Myrtle (G...
294435        CV-610.3 Laurel Hill (Vale) West Lincoln (David's Chapel, Hebron, La...
293726        CV-375.2 Lawndale (Lawndale) Kistler's-Lawndale
294116        CV-397.1 Lebanon (Denver) Lebanon - St. Paul's (Catawba)
297201        CV-590.1 Linville (Morganton) Table Rock (Linville [Morganton], Mounta...
293806        CV-060.3 Lowell/Smyre (Lowell) Bethesda - Cramer Memorial - Lowell/Smyr...
293863        CV-475.1 Macedonia (Vale) Northbrook (Macedonia - Reep's Grove)
293828        CV-400.0 Marvin (Lincolnton) Marvin (Lincolnton)
293384        CV-380.2 Mary's Grove (Kings Mnt.) Laboratory-Mary's Grove
293566        CV-405.0 Maylo (Gastonia) Maylo (Gastonia)
299938        CV-410.0 May's Chapel (Maiden) May's Chapel (Maiden)
293830        CV-420.0 McKendree (Lincolnton) McKendree (Lincolnton)
967961        CV-330.2 McQueen's Chapel (Conover) Hartzell Memorial - McQueen's Chapel
294468        CV-425.0 Messiah (Lincolnton) Messiah (Lincolnton)
967664        CV-430.0 Mott's Grove (Sherrills Ford) Mott's Grove (Sherrills Ford)
967700        CV-433.1 Mount Beulah (Sherrills) Mount Beulah - Providence
296866        CV-450.2 Mount Harmony (Connely Springs) Mount Harmony - Burke Chapel
293247        CV-605.2 Mount Moriah (Casar) West Casar (Clover Hill, Mount Moriah, N...
296877        CV-049.2 Mount Pleasant (Morganton) Bethel - Mount Pleasant - Zion Memorial
300297        CV-435.0 Mount Pleasant (Sherrills Ford) Mount Pleasant (Sherrills Ford)
967846        CV-215.2 Mount Pleasant (Stanley) Epworth (Gastonia) - Mount Pleasant (Sta...
297223        CV-590.2 Mountain Grove (Morganton) Table Rock (Linville [Morganton], Mounta...
299404        CV-440.0 Mountain View (Claremont) Mountain View (Claremont)
967892        CV-100.2 Mundy's Chapel (Mooresboro) Brook's Chapel - Mundy's Chapel
293590        CV-455.0 Myers Memorial (Gastonia) Myers Memorial (Gastonia)
293588        CV-392.2 Myrtle (Gastonia) Lander's Chapel (Lincolnton) - Myrtle (G...
294264        CV-460.0 New Covenant (Mount Holly) New Covenant (Mount Holly)
293338        CV-605.3 New Home (Casar) West Casar (Clover Hill, Mount Moriah, N...
294093        CV-465.0 New Hope (Iron Station) New Hope (Iron Station)
296786        CV-470.0 North Morganton (Morganton) North Morganton (Morganton)
293987        CV-480.1 Oak Grove (Lawndale) Oak Grove-Palm Tree-Pleasant Hill
297132        CV-485.0 Oak Hill (Morganton) Oak Hill (Morganton)
293908        CV-480.2 Palm Tree (Lawndale) Oak Grove-Palm Tree-Pleasant Hill
294446        CV-170.2 Palm Tree (Vale) Crowell Memorial-Palm Tree
293087        CV-490.0 Park Street (Belmont) Park Street (Belmont)
967697        CV-190.2 Philadelphia (Lawndale) Durham-Philadelphia
294297        CV-495.0 Pine Grove (Shelby) Pine Grove (Shelby)
299415        CV-500.0 Pisgah (Catawba) Pisgah (Catawba)
294003        CV-505.0 Pisgah (Lincolnton) Pisgah (Lincolnton)
300195        CV-510.1 Plateau (Vale) Plateau-Wesley Chapel
293395        CV-165.2 Pleasant Grove (Lincolnton) Crouse-Pleasant Grove
293271        CV-480.3 Pleasant Hill (Lawndale) Oak Grove-Palm Tree-Pleasant Hill
294025        CV-115.2 Polkville (Polkville) Casar - Polkville
967675        CV-433.2 Providence (Catawba) Mount Beulah - Providence
293635        CV-515.0 Puett (Dallas) Puett (Dallas)
293954        CV-475.2 Reep's Grove (Vale) Northbrook (Macedonia - Reep's Grove)
294047        CV-185.2 Rehobeth (Shelby) Double Shoals - Rehobeth - St. Paul's (S...
300311        CV-520.0 Rehobeth (Terrell) Rehobeth (Terrell)
293783        CV-525.0 Rhyne Heights (Lincolnton) Rhyne Heights (Lincolnton)
968010        CV-110.2 Rock Hill (Stanley) Burge Memorial - Rock Hill (Mount Holly)
294036        CV-530.0 Salem (Denver) Salem (Denver)
297030        CV-535.0 Salem (Morganton) Salem (Morganton)
296514        CV-315.2 Shady Grove (Connelly Springs) Friendship (Connelly Springs) - Shady Gr...
294140        CV-545.0 Sharon (Shelby) Sharon (Shelby)
300162        CV-550.0 Shiloh (Claremont) Shiloh (Claremont)
294300        CV-555.0 South Point (Belmont) South Point (Belmont)
968021        CV-560.0 St. James (Denver) St. James (Denver)
299073        CV-055.2 St. John's (Hickory) Bethel (Hickory) - St. John's
299814        CV-565.0 St. Luke's (Hickory) St. Luke's (Hickory)
294105        CV-570.0 St. Mark's (Belmont) St. Mark's (Belmont)
296800        CV-575.0 St. Matthews (Morganton) St. Matthews (Morganton)
967755        CV-320.2 St. Paul (Kings Mountain) Galilee - St. Paul (Kings Mountain)
967824        CV-580.0 St. Paul (Newton) St. Paul (Newton)
299951        CV-397.2 St. Paul's (Catawba) Lebanon - St. Paul's (Catawba)
294127        CV-185.3 St. Paul's (Shelby) Double Shoals - Rehobeth - St. Paul's (S...
293112        CV-030.3 St. Peter's (Lawndale) Belwood (Kadesh, Knob Creek, St. Peter's...
294344        CV-355.2 Sulphur Springs (Shelby) Hoey Memorial-Sulphur Springs
293624        CV-642.0 Trinity (Gastonia) Trinity (Gastonia)
967937        CV-695.0 Tucker's Grove (Iron Station) Tucker's Grove (Iron Station)
296673        CV-085.2 Warlick's Chapel (Connelly Springs) Bollinger's-Warlick's
294138        CV-600.0 Webbs Chapel (Denver) Webbs Chapel (Denver)
300218        CV-510.2 Wesley Chapel (Newton) Plateau-Wesley Chapel
299825        CV-615.0 Westview (Hickory) Westview (Hickory)
296822        CV-049.3 Zion Memorial (Morganton) Bethel - Mount Pleasant - Zion Memorial

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