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These are publications that may be useful or instructive to the local church and membership.
     Audit The Local Church Audit Guide (condensed)
     Budget Africa University Fund Information
     Budget Black College Fund Information
     Budget Consumer Price Index
     Budget Episcopal Fund Information
     Budget Financial Budget Interpretation 2017
     Budget General Administration Fund Information
     Budget Interdenomination Cooperation Fund Information
     Budget Ministerial Education Fund Information
     Budget World Service Fund Information
     Candidacy Seminary Course Requirements
     Clergy Clergy Housing Guidelines and Policies
     Clergy Clergy Vacation Policy
     Employment Employee OR Contractor Test
     Human Resources Department of Labor FAQ's for White Collar Overtime
     Human Resources eLead Job Descriptions
     Human Resources HR 101 - New Overtime Ruling December 1 - 2016
     Human Resources Interns And Contractor Guidelines
     Human Resources Job Description Template
     Incorporation Local Church Incorporation Guidelines
     Local Church 2017 Church and Clergy Tax Guide
     Local Church 2017 Church Staff Compensation Guide
     Local Church Accountable Reimbursement Expense Voucher (Sample)
     Local Church Accountable Reimbursement Policy Q and A
     Local Church Church Property Leasing Information
     Local Church Exchange Notice Packet To Local Churches Sept2013
     Local Church Pastoral Expectation Questionnaire
     Local Church Record Retention Schedule
     Local Church Scorecard Metrics are for Learning, not Judging
     Local Church Worker's Compensation
     Other GCFA Event Registration Process Instructions
     Other General Board of Global Ministries
     Other Golden Cross Grant Application
     Other Golden Cross Prescription Drug Assistance Application
     Other Lay Leadership Manual
     Other The Book of Discipline Errata 2012
     Property Property and Estate Planning - GCFA
     Safe Sanctuaries Background Check Information
     Safe Sanctuaries Basic Procedures
     Safe Sanctuaries Bibliography and Resources
     Safe Sanctuaries Generic Policy
     Safe Sanctuaries Petition #18 for 2004 Annual Conference
     Safe Sanctuaries Procedures for WNCC Youth Events
     Safe Sanctuaries Protection Policy for Children
     Safe Sanctuaries Protection Policy for WNCC Youth Events
     Safe Sanctuaries Safe Sanctuaries Resource Document
     Tax Information GCFA Tax Packet
     Tax Information IRS-Special Rules for Compensation of Ministers
     Tax Information Tax Guide for Churches - IRS
     Treasury Services 2017 Budget Final

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