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Latest Updates
Change in procedure regarding updating of clergy contact information June 12th, 2013

In the past we have collected, from the clergy at registration, their new contact information. This year we will not be doing that. Instead, beginning July 1 (or earlier if possible), when a clergy logs in to the admin site they will be directed to a page that allows them to enter their contact information. We will require this for all clergy, not just those that have moved, with the exception of unappointed retirees. They will not be able to access the rest of the site until they complete this form. All clergy must have done this by Friday, July 12th. The purpose of this change is twofold and is:

  • To move the contact change requirement from registration, where it is time consuming and where often the clergy don’t know their new address.
  • To allow year around contact info changes by the clergy themselves, which will eliminate the need for admins or conference staff to make those changes in the system.

The changes made on the website will change immediately there and nightly in the admin central database.

Posted by: Director IT - Ken Perry

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