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Clergy Search Results For Metro District

  Pastor Name  Appointment
 Adams, Sharon Lavonda   Leave
 Adarkwah, Benjamin Boateng   All Nations Assistant
 Albino, Candido   Hickory Grove Assistant Pastor for Hispanic Ministry
 Aldridge, Julian McClees Jr   Retired
 Allen, Clyde Wayne   Retired
 Allen, Flora Annalee Crawford   Associate Director of Ministerial Services
 Allen, George Craig Jr   Memorial (Kannapolis)
 Allen, Tony Lance   Center (Concord)
 Allred, James Grant Jr   Retired
 Andrews, William Mark   District Superintendent - Metro
 Anthony, Alexis Wendall   Greater Vision (NS) (Charlotte)
 Arey, John Vincent Jr   Executive Director, Sanctuary Counseling Group
 Arledge, Nathan Daniel   Myers Park Minister of Missions (Charlotte)
 Armistead, Roger Addison   Retired - Friendship (Mount Pleasant)
 Atkinson, Ruth Virginia Bass   Retired
 Auten, Richard Dale   Triplett (Mooresville)
 Avila-Ramirez, Rocio del Carmen   Weddington Assistant Pastor of Missions
 Bain, Tara Elizabeth Ebner   Leave
 Bales, Harold Keith   Retired
 Barden, Anna Lynn   Leave
 Barden, Barbara Jean Shores   Myers Park Minister of Education (Charlotte)
 Barden, Lawrence Edgerton   Retired
 Barringer, Grady Ross   Retired
 Beard, Douglas Roach Jr   Retired
 Bell, Anthony Lee   Cold Springs
 Belles, Sarah Louise   Davidson Associate for Campus Ministry and Young Adults
 Bingham, Keith Warren   St. Stephen (Charlotte)
 Bingham, Rebecca Kay Green   Leave
 Boakye-Yiadom, Emmanuel Kofi   All Nations - Hunter's Chapel
 Boggan, Robert Edmond Jr   Retired
 Boggs, John Sherrod   University City (Charlotte)
 Bowman, Fredrick Bernard   Faith (Mooresville) - St. Paul
 Bradley, Erman Franklin   Retired
 Braunschweiger, Brian Dale   Cole Memorial (Charlotte)
 Bridgers, Peggy DeLoatch   Retired
 Briggs, Edwin Albert Jr   Weddington Minister of Pastoral Care
 Brittain, Julianne   Williamson's Chapel
 Brooks, Linwood Cohn   Mouzon (Charlotte)
 Brookshire, James Brevard   Sedgefield (Charlotte)
 Brown, Gary Holmes   Retired
 Brown, Thaddeus Dana   Harmony - Mount Carmel (Concord)
 Brumley, Patience Slocum Soper   Retired - Commonwealth (Charlotte) Deacon Associate
 Bullard, John Moore   Retired
 Butler, James Edward   Mill Grove Assistant Pastor: Sun Valley Campus Pastor
 Calhoun, David Porter   Retired
 Calloway, James Roy   Retired
 Campbell, Christopher Shawn   Plaza (Charlotte)
 Campbell, Nancy Jolene Miller   SouthPark Deacon Associate
 Carkin, Carol Frances Peek   Central (Concord) Co-Pastor
 Carl, David Ewell Jr   Big Spring (Charlotte)
 Carter, Miller Columbus Jr   Simpson-Gillespie (Charlotte)
 Cassady, Tommie Lee   Retired
 Chappell, Michelle DeNeice   Central (Charlotte)
 Cheyney, Stephen Roberts   Campus Minister, Charlotte
 Church, Clint James   Roberta
 Cirulis, Marilyn Hull   Retired
 Clifton, Larry Bruce   Retired
 Cloninger, Richard Lee   Thrift (Charlotte)
 Clontz, Mark Everette   Bethel (Midland)
 Coleman, Alexis Smith   Davidson Associate for Missions and Membership
 Coles, Amy Louise   Assistant to the Bishop
 Collins, Amber Shea Cranford   Community Counseling Coordinator, Hospice of Cabarrus County
 Collins, Gregory Keith   Antioch - Wesley Chapel
 Collins, Michael Wayne   Leave
 Conder, Andrea Lesli Redard   St. Francis (Charlotte)
 Conder, Thomas Eugene Jr   Mill Grove (Indian Trail)
 Connelly, Deborah Via   Elmwood
 Cook, Cathy Ann   Retired
 Coppedge-Henley, Elizabeth Owen   Chief Operating Officer, United Methodist Foundation
 Coppedge-Henley, Jonathan David   The Connecting Road (Metro) (NS)
 Corpening, Daniel McEwen   Director of Field Education, Duke Divinity School
 Corriher, Arnold Douglas   Retired
 Cox, Barbara Ann   Retired
 Cox, Roy David   Retired
 Crady, Brian Michael   Rock Grove (Salisbury)
 Craig, Paul Alexander Jr   Matthews Executive Pastor
 Cunningham, Brad Richard   Union (Waxhaw)
 Curtis, Mark Eugene   Weddington Associate
 Dahn, Myer You-Pleh   Hickory Grove (Charlotte) Associate
 Darr, Brian Michael   Carolinas Healthcare System, Social Worker/Chaplain
 Davis, Talbot Alan   Good Shepherd (Charlotte)
 DeBerry, Phillip Jr   Retired
 Dickson, Clarence Harley Jr   Retired
 Dobson, Melanie Lynn   Myers Park Associate (Charlotte)
 Dodd, Robert Vess   Retired
 Dornsmith, Suzanne Elizabeth   Forest Hill (Concord) Associate
 Doser, William Richard   Retired
 Duncan, Michael Edward   McKendree (Mooresville)
 Dunn, Teresa Dawn Briggs   Providence (Charlotte) Minister of Youth/College Students
 Duvall, John Allen   Retired
 Dye, Mary John   Mount Zion (Cornelius)
 Easter Bayne, Karen Leigh   Dilworth (Charlotte)
 Edwards, Frank Hugh   Retired
 Elliott, Sara Carroll   Retired
 Englebreth, William Russell   Grace - Memorial (Monroe)
 Ervin, Billy Neil   Fair View (Mooresville)
 Evans, Mark David   Leave
 Evensen, Holly Dawn   Moore's Chapel (Charlotte)
 Faughn, Elizabeth Ann Haas   Leave
 Finsel, Nathan David   Trinity (Kannapolis) Education and Spiritual Formation Associate
 Fitzgerald, Bernard Ray   Retired
 Fongemy, Michael Fernand   Journey (NS)
 Forbes, Virginia Loggins   Retired
 Freeze, Amy Dawn Foley   Director of Community/Faith Development, Our Towns Habitat for Humanity
 Gerhardt, William Frederic   Retired
 Gibbons, Charles Franklin   Retired - Oak Grove (China Grove)
 Gibert, Ann Sheaffer   Webster Federated Church (Central Mass Dist, New England Conf)
 Golden, Jacob Bowles Jr   Retired
 Goode, Michael Hanes   First (China Grove)
 Gordon, Gregory Brian   Jackson Park (Kannapolis)
 Graves, Elizabeth Lorraine   Epworth (Concord)
 Graves, James Henry   Retired
 Graves, Mae Purvis   Retired
 Gray, Dennis Lee   Pine Bluff-Locust
 Gray, Madeline Dell   Retired
 Guy, Charles Ray   Retired
 Guy, David Anthony   Retired
 Gwyn, Bruce Lawson   Mount Pleasant (Mount Pleasant)
 Hagerman, Leigh Anne   Church Administrator, Myers Park Baptist Church
 Hall, Raymond Oliver   Retired
 Hall, Ronnie Lee   Retired
 Hamilton, Gregory Allen   Shiloh (Concord)
 Hammill, Terry Lingle   Retired
 Hamrick, James Reitz II   Rocky Mount
 Hamrick, Patrick Spencer   First (Charlotte) Pastor of Finance and Admin
 Hand, Dawn Maria   Foundry Executive Pastor and Chief of Staff (Greater Wash Dist, Balt-Wash Conf)
 Hand, Stephanie Moore   Metro Church Vitality Strategist
 Harbin, Christopher Byron   Kerr Street (Concord)
 Harris, Bonnie Van Preston   Vanderburg (Mooresville)
 Harris, Otto Delano III   St. Mark's (Charlotte)
 Harrison, Susan Haynes   Fair View (Mooresville) Minister of Spiritual Growth
 Hartman, Ronald Eugene   North (Kannapolis)
 Hartsell, Claude Jacob   Retired
 Hartweg, Rhonda Denise Zook   Leave
 Hassel, Jeffrey Allan   Executive Director for the Development of Indigenous Maya (Guatemala)
 Haynes, Benjamin Parker   Myers Park Associate (Charlotte)
 Heafner-Heun, Susan Ashley   Inclusion Community (Mooresville) - The Vine (Charlotte)
 Hermann, Rhonda Leigh Yancey   Blair Road Deacon Associate (Mint Hill)
 Herron, Virginia Lake Cox   Retired
 Hester, John Daniel   St. Andrew's (Charlotte)
 Hillyer, DeForest Everett Jr   Retired
 Hinton, Meredith Angeline   Weddington Youth Minister
 Hood, James Alan   Opportunity House (Mission)
 Hopper, Bradley Everett   Matthews Minister of Missions and Young Adults
 Horn, Kenneth Arthur   Retired
 Howard, James Corbitt III   Asbury (Huntersville)
 Howell, James Comer   Myers Park (Charlotte)
 Howell, James Franklin Sr   Retired
 Humpal, Monica Anne Lane   Williamson's Chapel Director of Growth Ministries
 Humphries, James Edward   Christ (Charlotte)
 Humphries-Bivens, Patricia   Retired
 Hunt, Judith Fitzgerald   Matthews Assistant (Wesley)
 Hutchens, Charles Lee   Centenary (Mount Ulla)
 Hutchison, Amy Beth   Weddington Assistant Pastor of Evangelism
 Ingalls, Thomas Edison II   Vanderburg Assistant
 Ireland, Scott Emerson   Stallings
 Jackson, Sherry Lynn Ward   St. Andrew's Children's Minister
 Jeffries, William Thomas   Retired
 Johnson, Ellen Currie Sapp   Retired
 Jones, Bruce Marvin   Retired
 Jones, Judah Lea   Clinical Counselor and Dir of SACOT-SAIL with Person-Centered Partnerships
 Jones, Mandy Michelle Neill   Forest Hill (Concord)
 Jones, Neal Christopher   Mount Mitchell (Kannapolis)
 Jones, Wayne Marshall   Retired
 Judy, Karl Wesley   Retired
 Judy, Paula Ann Kendall   Retired
 Kaser Odor, Karen Elizabeth   Chaplain, Hospice of Stanly and the Uwharrie
 Kennedy, Elise Burke Brown   Covenant (Charlotte)
 Kilbourne, Kathleen Hughes   Director, MAPT and Center for Deacon Education, Pfeiffer University
 King, Ramon Mark   Conference Treasurer / Director of Administrative Services
 Kinken, Mary Margaret Perkins   Pastoral Counselor, LLC
 Kinken, Philip Glenn III   Davidson Executive Pastor
 Knopp, Stephen Gene II   Matthews Associate (801 South Campus)
 Kroeger, Emily Isabelle Danahey   Assistant Pastor of Community Outreach, Memorial (Monroe)
 Kurt, Steven Boyd   Commonwealth (Charlotte)
 Kurtz, Kevin Douglas   Mount Pleasant (Mount Pleasant) Assistant
 Lakeson, Brenna Nicole   Leave
 Lane, Eric Richard   Mineral Springs (Monroe)
 Langford, Sally Lucius Overby   Davidson
 Langford, Thomas Anderson III   Central (Concord)
 Lanier, Eric Earl Jr   Pineville Assistant
 Larson, Mark Douglas   Pastoral Psychotherapist, Sanctuary Counseling Group
 Lautensleger, Mary Gordon Sisk   Retired
 Lazarus, Brandon Craig   Memorial (Charlotte)
 Lee, Hyung Jae   Calvary (Charlotte)
 Lee, In-Yong   Cokesbury (Charlotte)
 Lee, Stephen Farrell   Retired
 Love, Adam Christopher   First (Landis)
 Love, Tracy Fulbright   Trinity Associate (Kannapolis)
 Lowder, Norman Keith   Student (Gordon-Conwell Theological School)
 Lyon, Marvin Kenneth   Retired
 Martinez, Melissa Leray   Retired
 McCain, Kyle Dean Sr   Harrison Assistant
 McCullough, Todd Herbert   Midway (Kannapolis)
 McElveen, Alan Rimes Jr   Director, Mere Christianity Forum
 McElveen, Kathryn Patricia Andrews   Leadership Coach
 McGarrah, Sandra Jean Mestler   Environmental Educator, Charlotte YMCA
 McGill, John Kendall   Waxhaw
 McIntosh, Melvin Dwight   Retired
 McKelvey, Walter Henry   Retired
 McNaney, Lowell Charles   Crossroads
 Melton, David Simpson   Providence (Charlotte)
 Melton, Duane Everette   Bethpage Assistant (Kannapolis)
 Miller, Paige Ann Scarlett   Faith (Indian Trail)
 Milliet, Corey Cole   Matthews Assistant Youth Director
 Mitchem, Donnie Shumate   Psychotherapist, School Based Services, Carolinas HealthCare System
 Montfort, Russell Thompson   Retired
 Montgomery, Barbara Gayle Gibson   Pastor, River Hills Community Church
 Moore, Joe Daniel   Heath Memorial
 Moore, John Albert   Leave
 Moore, Robert Lee   Retired
 Moore, Samuel Howard Jr   Hickory Grove (Charlotte)
 Moore, Terry Lynn   Weddington
 Moreau, Anthony Lance   Mount Zion Associate (Cornelius)
 Morris, Emmanuel Shanka Sr   North Davidson (Charlotte)
 Moss, Oscar Ray   Retired
 Niroula, Santosh   Central (Charlotte) Assistant Pastor for International Outreach Ministry
 Noblitt, Hubert Donald   Retired
 Noblitt, Joshua Morgan   Therapist, Creative Approaches to Healing
 Norona, Roldan de Jesus Flores   Matthews Assistant for Latino/Hispanic Ministry
 Ogburn, Richard Lynn   Retired
 Ogle, Albert Wade Sr   Trinity (Charlotte)
 Om, Samuel   GBGM, Director of Resource Development in Cambodia
 Orbison, Rachel Camilla Carpenter   Retired
 Ortigoza, David Roberto   St. Andrew's Associate Pastor, Cross-Cultural Ministry
 Osborne, Anna Victoria   Union Grove (Indian Trail)
 Page, Christopher Shane   Harrison
 Paredes, Juan Julio   Memorial and Aldersgate (Charlotte) Hispanic Assistant
 Parsons, James Carl   Indian Trail
 Pegram, Patricia Ann Greene   Studio 345 Connector/Expander
 Perez-Alvarez, Felix   Forest Hill (Concord) Hispanic/Latino Assistant
 Perkins, Merrill Gilford   Retired
 Pezet, Daniel Lee II   Director of Church Development
 Pittman, Preston Lonnie   Assurance Co-Pastor (Huntersville)
 Pittman, Susannah Thornton Baskervill   Assurance Co-Pastor (Huntersville)
 Plummer, Charles Mark   Retired
 Portis, Marcus Steven   Bethpage (Kannapolis)
 Powell, Daniel Nelson   Retired
 Precht, Joseph Thomas   Williamson's Chapel Assistant
 Randall, Rachel Rose   Leave
 Reed, Louis Benton   Retired
 Reed, Ralph Lee Sr   Retired
 Reeves, Percival Terence   Sanctuary (NS) (Charlotte)
 Revere, Paul Barry Lloyd   Retired
 Riggs, Edna Ruth   Retired
 Ritch, Catherine Louise   Circuit Riding Musician Ministry
 Ritchie, Baxter Maurice   Retired
 Robinson, Ronald Ray   Chaplain/Professor, Wofford College
 Robinson, William Cullens   Retired
 Robison, Ellen   Minister of Worship and the Arts, Riverside Church (New York)
 Roller, Mary Lou Moore   Retired
 Romanat, Marianne Myer McMasters   Light of Christ (Charlotte)
 Romanello, Robert Emanuel   Retired
 Rosenquist, Valerie Beth   First (Charlotte)
 Roten, Robert Dean   Oak Grove (Charlotte)
 Roth, Kenneth George Jr   Retired
 Roth, Linda Frances Brooks   Retired
 Roth, William Errett   Myers Park Associate (Charlotte)
 Rowe, John Benson   Pastoral Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Spiritual Direction
 Rushing, Arval Lane   Retired - Mill Grove Assistant (Midland)
 Rushing, Jeffrey James   Westford (Concord)
 Schnitzlein, Thomas Harry   Broad Street (Mooresville)
 Scott, Michael Arthur Jr   Grace - Memorial (Monroe) Assistant
 Settle, Carl Edward   Retired
 Seymour, Joseph Cyril Jr   Retired
 Sherrill, Katherine Ann Clontz   Retired
 Sherrill, Randy Norris   Central (Mooresville)
 Sigmon, Thomas Ralph   Retired
 Simmons, Gloria Dawn   Retired
 Simpson, Joel Richard   Mount Zion Associate (Cornelius)
 Skinner, Cheryl Ann   Mount Olivet (Concord)
 Slater, Martha Elizabeth   Retired
 Sloan, Cynthia Louise Weber   Retired
 Sluder, Deborah Metz Kitting   Retired
 Smith, Andrea Carol Fare   West (Mooresville)
 Smith, Bruce Walter   Associate Professor, University of New Mexico
 Smith, Dewey Wayne   Retired
 Smith, Francis Ronald   Retired
 Smith, Jesse Ray   Huntersville - Reactivate: Reactivate Pastor and Huntersville Associate
 Smith, John-Palmer   Retired
 Smith, Matthew Robert   Leave
 Smith, Toni Ruth Phillips   Harrisburg Co-Pastor
 Smith, Wesley Chad   Harrisburg Co-Pastor
 Snipes, David Allen   President/CEO, United Methodist Foundation
 Spencer, Alberta Young   Retired
 Steagald, Thomas Ray   Hawthorne Lane (Charlotte)
 Stein, John Christopher   Zion (Monroe)
 Stevens, Panzie Merilyn Miller   Retired
 Stinson-Wesley, John Thomas   Pineville
 Stinson-Wesley, Sherrill Amelia   Director, World Connection for Women / Purcell (Charlotte)
 Strahan, Paul Ezra   Royal Oaks (Kannapolis)
 Sturge, Robert Hugh   Retired - Mill Grove (Midland)
 Surratt, Raymond Lee   Retired
 Swofford, Melanie Lynne   Chaplain, Cape Fear Valley Health System
 TBS01, Ray McKinnon   South Tryon Community Mission
 TBS04, Jonah Vang   First Hmong Mission
 Thompson, David Alan Jr   Center Grove - St. Paul (Concord)
 Thompson, Henry Kyle   SouthPark (Charlotte)
 Thompson, Mavis Campbell   Retired
 Thompson, Paul Bryan   Huntersville - Reactivate: Huntersville Pastor
 Towery, Joe Billy Jr   Pleasant Grove (Charlotte)
 Treece, Elaine McNeill   Pineville Assistant
 Turner, Kevin Allan   Davidson Minister of Music and Worship
 Tutterow, Warren Kirk   Trinity (Kannapolis)
 Upchurch, William Lynn Jr   Blair Road (Mint Hill)
 Vergin, Mary Jane   Retired
 Vickers, Jason Eugene   Professor of Theology and Wesleyan Studies, Asbury Seminary (Memphis Campus)
 Vilagos, TeresaMarie Tidaback   Emergency Dept. Chaplain, Carolinas Medical Center
 Walker, Jeane Marie Sumpter   Leave
 Wall, Randy Lee   Retired - Ann Street (Concord)
 Warner, Sherman Barton   Retired - South (China Grove)
 Webb, Robert Rives III   Director, Rural Church, Duke Endowment
 Webster, Susan Suarez   Central Assistant for Multi-Cultural Ministry (Charlotte)
 Webster, Timothy Ardell   Aldersgate - Grace (Charlotte)
 Wensil, Tamara Leigh Davis   Rocky Ridge (Concord)
 White, Judith Lucille   Retired
 White, William Milton Jr   Morrows Chapel (Mooresville)
 Whittington, Timothy Lee   Unity (Kannapolis)
 Wilson, Benjamin Franklin   Retired
 Wilson, Charles William II   Matthews - Wesley
 Wilson, Daniel Robert   Boger's Chapel
 Wilson, Vickie McFalls   Park Avenue (Mooresville)
 Wingeier-Rayo, Diana   Leave
 Wooten, Marilyn Kay Blythe   Retired - Pleasant Grove (Mineral Springs)
 Wright, Carrie Ann Smith   Hawthorne Lane Minister of Worship Arts (Charlotte)
 Wyman, William Claton Jr   Retired
 Wynn, Nina Catherine Weaver   Director of Community Outreach, Amity Group Foundation
 Yates, Walter George   Retired
 Zastovnik, Linda Sue   Davidson Associate Minister for Adult Faith Formation

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