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All 118 churches in the Appalachian District

  GCFA DCNo Name Charge Name
   288547 AP-020.1 Altamont (Newland) Altamont - Jonas Ridge
   297393 AP-545.1 Antioch (Roaring Gap) Mountain Valley
   288582 AP-030.1 Arbor Grove (Purlear) Arbor Grove-Union
   288401 AP-050.0 Banner Elk (Banner Elk) Banner Elk
   300151 AP-060.1 Baton (Granite Falls) Baton-Littlejohn
   967777 AP-415.2 Beaver Creek (Ferguson) Green Hill - Beaver Creek
   288387 AP-080.0 Bethany (West Jefferson) Bethany (West Jefferson)
   299426 AP-090.1 Bethel (Statesville) Bethel (Statesville) - Marvin (Stony Point)
   297416 AP-100.1 Bethelview (Boone) Bethelview-Valle Crucis
   299437 AP-110.0 Bethlehem (Statesville) Bethlehem (Statesville)
   297427 AP-120.0 Boone (Boone) Boone (Boone)
   300220 AP-130.0 Broad Street (Statesville) Broad Street (Statesville)
   288797 AP-605.1 Calvary (Fleetwood) New River Charge (Calvary - Zion)
   288742 AP-450.1 Carson's Chapel (Taylorsville) Hiddenite
   299552 AP-560.2 Cedar Valley (Lenoir) Mount Hermon (Lenoir) - Cedar Valley (Lenoir)
   300333 AP-160.0 Chapel Hill (Statesville) Chapel Hill (Statesville)
   288263 AP-510.1 Charity (Elkin) Maple Springs-Charity
   288718 AP-600.1 Chestnut Hill (Jefferson) Nathan's Creek
   300207 AP-180.0 Christ Boulevard (Statesville) Christ Boulevard (Statesville)
   299756 AP-190.0 Clarksbury (Harmony) Clarksbury (Harmony)
   288822 AP-800.1 Clifton (Warrensville) Warrensville
   299541 AP-363.1 Colliers (Lenoir) Foothills Cooperative Parish
   299608 AP-210.0 Cool Spring (Cleveland) Cool Spring (Cleveland)
   297518 AP-010.1 Cox's Chapel (Mouth of Wilson) Alleghany - Grayson
   288024 AP-215.0 Creston (Creston) Creston (Creston)
   288924 AP-230.0 Crossfire (N. Wilkesboro) Crossfire
   297531 AP-240.0 Deerfield (Boone) Deerfield (Boone)
   288662 AP-520.2 Dunkirk (Ferguson) Millers Creek - Dunkirk
   303677 AP-360.1 Ebenezer (Elkin) First (Jonesville) - Ebenezer
   300116 AP-260.0 Ebenezer (Granite Falls) Ebenezer (Granite Falls)
   297484 AP-530.1 Elk Park (Elk Park) Minneapolis-Elk Park
   300140 AP-580.1 Fairmount (Statesville) Mount Bethel (Harmony) - Fairmount (Statesville)
   297792 AP-290.0 FaithBridge (Blowing Rock) FaithBridge (Blowing Rock)
   303325 AP-300.0 First (Elkin) First (Elkin)
   299701 AP-305.0 First (Granite Falls) First (Granite Falls)
   303427 AP-360.2 First (Jonesville) First (Jonesville) - Ebenezer
   299882 AP-320.0 First (Lenoir) First (Lenoir)
   297724 AP-330.0 First (North Wilkesboro) First (North Wilkesboro)
   297804 AP-340.0 First (Taylorsville) First (Taylorsville)
   300344 AP-350.0 First (Troutman) First (Troutman)
   297438 AP-365.0 Friendship (Boone) Friendship (Boone)
   299632 AP-370.0 Friendship (Statesville) Friendship (Statesville)
   299665 AP-363.2 Gamewell (Lenoir) Foothills Cooperative Parish
   299687 AP-390.0 Grace Chapel (Granite Falls) Grace Chapel (Granite Falls)
   297495 AP-400.0 Grassy Creek (Grassy Creek) Grassy Creek (Grassy Creek)
   303655 AP-545.2 Grassy Creek (State Road) Mountain Valley
   967994 AP-415.1 Green Hill (Lenoir) Green Hill - Beaver Creek
   299723 AP-420.0 Harmony (Harmony) Harmony (Harmony)
   299836 AP-630.1 Harper's Chapel (Patterson) North Caldwell: Mount Olivet - Harper's Chapel
   297564 AP-430.1 Helton (Lansing) Helton - Trinity
   297861 AP-440.1 Henson's Chapel (Vilas) Henson's Chapel-Mabel
   297586 AP-450.2 Hiddenite (Hiddenite) Hiddenite
   299860 AP-460.0 Hudson (Hudson) Hudson (Hudson)
   297600 AP-470.0 Jefferson (Jefferson) Jefferson (Jefferson)
   288560 AP-020.2 Jonas Ridge (Jonas Ridge) Altamont - Jonas Ridge
   288365 AP-480.1 Liberty (Hidddenite) Liberty (Hidddenite) - Philadelphia
   288445 AP-640.0 Linville (Linville) Pisgah (Linville Falls) - Linville
   288068 AP-495.1 Little Laurel (Creston) Little Laurel - Pleasant Valley - Sutherland
   299905 AP-060.2 Littlejohn (Lenoir) Baton-Littlejohn
   288888 AP-440.2 Mabel (Zionville) Henson's Chapel-Mabel
   297507 AP-510.2 Maple Springs (Ronda) Maple Springs-Charity
   299448 AP-090.2 Marvin (Stony Point) Bethel (Statesville) - Marvin (Stony Point)
   300253 AP-515.0 Midway (Statesville) Midway (Statesville)
   297644 AP-520.1 Millers Creek (Millers Creek) Millers Creek - Dunkirk
   297347 AP-530.2 Minneapolis (Minneapolis) Minneapolis-Elk Park
   299940 AP-540.0 Monticello (Statesville) Monticello (Statesville)
   299734 AP-580.2 Mount Bethel (Harmony) Mount Bethel (Harmony) - Fairmount (Statesville)
   297688 AP-550.0 Mount Bethel (Hickory) Mount Bethel (Hickory)
   299871 AP-560.1 Mount Hermon (Lenoir) Mount Hermon (Lenoir) - Cedar Valley (Lenoir)
   300082 AP-630.2 Mount Olivet (Lenoir) North Caldwell: Mount Olivet - Harper's Chapel
   299791 AP-588.0 Mount Zion (Lenoir) Mount Zion (Lenoir)
   288720 AP-590.0 Mount Zion (Piney Creek) Mount Zion (Piney Creek)
   297336 AP-770.1 Mount Zion (Spruce Pine) Toe Valley
   299494 AP-570.1 Mountain View (Statesville) Mountain View (Statesville) - Wesley Chapel (Hamptonville)
   297702 AP-600.2 Nathan's Creek (Crumpler) Nathan's Creek
   967766 AP-602.0 New Covenant (Lenoir) New Covenant (Lenoir)
   300014 AP-610.0 New Salem (Statesville) New Salem (Statesville)
   288480 AP-620.0 Newland (Newland) Newland (Newland)
   300060 AP-500.2 Olin (Olin) Olin
   968497 AP-480.2 Philadelphia (Stony Point) Liberty (Hidddenite) - Philadelphia
   297314 AP-770.2 Pine Grove (Spruce Pine) Toe Valley
   297553 AP-010.2 Piney Creek (Piney Creek) Alleghany - Grayson
   968101 AP-270.1 Piney Grove (Ronda) Elkin-Jonesville
   297746 AP-650.1 Pisgah (Hiddenite) Pisgah (Hiddenite) - Trinity (Statesville)
   297303 AP-640.2 Pisgah (Linville Falls) Pisgah (Linville Falls) - Linville
   297451 AP-495.2 Pleasant Valley (Boone) Little Laurel - Pleasant Valley - Sutherland
   299610 AP-660.0 Providence (Statesville) Providence (Statesville)
   288285 AP-750.2 Roaring River (Roaring) Temple Hill-Roaring River
   288753 AP-680.0 Rocky Springs (Hiddenite) Rocky Springs
   300127 AP-690.0 Rose Chapel (Statesville) Rose Chapel (Statesville)
   299450 AP-693.1 Sandy Ridge (Statesville) Sandy Ridge (Statesville) - Snow Creek (Statesville)
   967857 AP-695.0 Scott's Chapel (Statesville) Scott's Chapel
   297256 AP-010.3 Shiloh (Sparta) Alleghany - Grayson
   300377 AP-700.1 Shiloh (Statesville) Shiloh (Statesville) - Wesley Chapel
   288866 AP-800.2 Smethport (West Jefferson) Warrensville
   300390 AP-693.2 Snow Creek (Statesville) Sandy Ridge (Statesville) - Snow Creek (Statesville)
   288764 AP-450.3 South River (Hiddenite) Hiddenite
   297768 AP-730.0 Sparta (Sparta) Sparta (Sparta)
   297781 AP-740.0 Stony Point (Stony Point) Stony Point (Stony Point)
   288241 AP-495.3 Sutherland (Creston) Little Laurel - Pleasant Valley - Sutherland
   303930 AP-750.1 Temple Hill (Ronda) Temple Hill-Roaring River
   288731 AP-600.3 Transou (Laurel Springs) Nathan's Creek
   297850 AP-430.2 Trinity (Lansing) Helton - Trinity
   300184 AP-780.0 Trinity (Lenoir) Trinity (Lenoir)
   300300 AP-650.2 Trinity (Statesville) Pisgah (Hiddenite) - Trinity (Statesville)
   288627 AP-030.2 Union (North Wilkesboro) Arbor Grove-Union
   300366 AP-790.0 Union Grove (Union Grove) Union Grove (Union Grove)
   288902 AP-100.2 Valle Crucis (Banner Elk) Bethelview-Valle Crucis
   297848 AP-800.3 Warrensville (Warrensville) Warrensville
   288786 AP-570.2 Wesley Chapel (Hamptonville) Mountain View (Statesville) - Wesley Chapel (Hamptonville)
   300424 AP-700.2 Wesley Chapel (Troutman) Shiloh (Statesville) - Wesley Chapel
   300264 AP-810.0 Wesley Memorial (Statesville) Wesley Memorial (Statesville)
   968340 AP-270.2 Wesley's Chapel (Elkin) Elkin-Jonesville
   297883 AP-820.0 West Jefferson (West Jefferson) West Jefferson (West Jefferson)
   288707 AP-545.3 White Rock (Thurmond) Mountain Valley
   300388 AP-363.3 Whitnel (Lenoir) Foothills Cooperative Parish
   297906 AP-840.0 Wilkesboro (Wilkesboro) Wilkesboro (Wilkesboro)
   288811 AP-605.2 Zion (Todd) New River Charge (Calvary - Zion)

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