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Union County - Church List

Charge Name
   291567 UW-045.0 Bethlehem (Waxhaw) Bethlehem (Waxhaw)
   289212 ME-165.0 Faith (Indian Trail) Faith (Indian Trail)
   289041 UW-205.2 Mount Moriah (Marshville) Fountain Hill - Mount Moriah (Marshville)
   292334 UW-220.1 Gilboa (Marshville) Gilboa-Peachland
   292323 UW-300.0 Marshville (Marshville) Marshville (Marshville)
   289201 UW-315.0 Midway (Monroe) Midway (Monroe)
   289280 ME-325.0 Mill Grove (Indian Trail) Mill Grove (Indian Trail)
   292367 ME-335.0 Mineral Springs (Monroe) Mineral Springs (Monroe)
   292403 UW-075.0 Central (Monroe) Central (Monroe)
   292380 ME-210.2 Memorial (Monroe) Grace - Memorial
   292686 ME-210.1 Grace (Monroe) Grace - Memorial
   292276 UW-345.0 Mount Carmel (Monroe) Mount Carmel (Monroe)
   289223 UW-365.2 Trinity (Monroe) New Hope (Monroe) - Trinity (Monroe)
   292505 UW-365.1 New Hope (Monroe) New Hope (Monroe) - Trinity (Monroe)
   292642 UW-415.0 Prospect (Monroe) Prospect (Monroe)
   289121 UW-445.1 Smyrna (Monroe) Smyrna (Monroe) - Wingate (Wingate)
   292824 UW-445.2 Wingate (Wingate) Smyrna (Monroe) - Wingate (Wingate)
   292254 ME-525.0 Stallings (Matthews) Stallings (Matthews)
   291591 ME-550.0 Union (Waxhaw) Union (Waxhaw)
   292788 ME-580.0 Waxhaw (Waxhaw) Waxhaw (Waxhaw)
   292802 ME-585.0 Weddington (Weddington) Weddington (Weddington)
   292711 ME-605.0 Zion (Monroe) Zion (Monroe)
   289347 ME-245.0 Heath Memorial (Waxhaw) Heath Memorial (Waxhaw)
   292287 ME-270.0 Indian Trail (Indian Trail) Indian Trail (Indian Trail)
   289360 ME-015.1 Antioch (Matthews) Antioch - Wesley Chapel
   291614 ME-015.2 Wesley Chapel (Wesley Chapel) Antioch - Wesley Chapel
   291580 ME-423.0 Pleasant Grove (Mineral Springs) Pleasant Grove (Mineral Springs)
   289303 ME-552.0 Union Grove (Indian Trail) Union Grove (Indian Trail)

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