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Surry County - Church List

Charge Name
   303963 YV-075.1 Beulah (Lowgap) Beulah - Zion (Mount Airy)
   303690 YV-075.2 Zion (Mt. Airy) Beulah - Zion (Mount Airy)
   303280 YV-185.1 Dobson (Dobson) Dobson - Oak Grove (Mount Airy)
   303746 YV-185.2 Oak Grove (Mount Airy) Dobson - Oak Grove (Mount Airy)
   304012 YV-215.0 Fairview (Pinnacle) Fairview (Pinnacle)
   303507 YV-320.1 Level Cross (Dobson) Level Cross - Siloam
   303518 YV-320.2 Siloam (Siloam) Level Cross - Siloam
   303586 YV-135.0 Central (Mount Airy) Central (Mount Airy)
   303600 YV-265.1 Franklin Heights (Mount Airy) Franklin Heights-Maple Grove
   304125 YV-265.2 Maple Grove (Mount Airy) Franklin Heights-Maple Grove
   968180 YV-350.0 Mallalieu-Jones (Mount Airy) Mallalieu-Jones (Mount Airy)
   303622 YV-515.0 Rockford Street (Mount Airy) Rockford Street (Mount Airy)
   303941 YV-525.2 Salem (Mt. Airy) Salem (Mount Airy) - Epworth (Cana)
   303837 YV-405.2 Mount Herman (Mt. Airy) Mount Herman-Hatcher's Chapel
   303121 YV-430.1 Blackwater (Ararat) New Hope (Blackwater, New Hope [Pilot Mountain], Stanford)
   303187 YV-430.2 New Hope (Pilot Mountain) New Hope (Blackwater, New Hope [Pilot Mountain], Stanford)
   303575 YV-430.3 Stanford (Siloam) New Hope (Blackwater, New Hope [Pilot Mountain], Stanford)
   303826 YV-245.0 First (Pilot Mountain) First (Pilot Mountain)
   304034 YV-470.0 Pilot View (Pilot Mountain) Pilot View (Pilot Mountain)
   303597 YV-595.0 Stony Knoll (Dobson) Stony Knoll (Dobson)
   303325 AP-300.0 First (Elkin) First (Elkin)
   968340 AP-270.2 Wesley's Chapel (Elkin) Elkin-Jonesville
   303677 AP-360.1 Ebenezer (Elkin) First (Jonesville) - Ebenezer
   288707 AP-545.3 White Rock (Thurmond) Mountain Valley
   303655 AP-545.2 Grassy Creek (State Road) Mountain Valley
   304056 YV-553.2 Whitaker's Chapel (Pilot Mtn.) Shoals-Whitakers Chapel
   304067 YV-553.1 Shoals (Pilot Mountain) Shoals-Whitakers Chapel

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