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Mecklenburg County - Church List

Charge Name
   291523 ME-020.0 Asbury (Huntersville) Asbury (Huntersville)
   291773 ME-005.1 Aldersgate (Charlotte) Aldersgate - Grace (Charlotte)
   291820 ME-005.2 Grace (Charlotte) Aldersgate - Grace (Charlotte)
   292004 ME-025.0 Assurance (Huntersville) Assurance (Huntersville)
   291625 ME-045.0 Big Spring (Charlotte) Big Spring (Charlotte)
   291647 ME-070.0 Calvary (Charlotte) Calvary (Charlotte)
   291660 ME-090.0 Central (Charlotte) Central (Charlotte)
   291454 ME-105.0 Christ (Charlotte) Christ (Charlotte)
   291693 ME-110.0 Cokesbury (Charlotte) Cokesbury (Charlotte)
   291705 ME-120.0 Cole Memorial (Charlotte) Cole Memorial (Charlotte)
   291727 ME-125.0 Commonwealth (Charlotte) Commonwealth (Charlotte)
   291636 ME-130.0 Covenant (Charlotte) Covenant (Charlotte)
   291740 ME-145.0 Dilworth (Charlotte) Dilworth (Charlotte)
   291784 ME-175.0 First (Charlotte) First (Charlotte)
   292128 ME-205.0 Good Shepherd (Charlotte) Good Shepherd (Charlotte)
   288946 ME-215.0 Greater Vision (NS) (Charlotte) Greater Vision (NS) (Charlotte)
   291842 ME-240.0 Hawthorne Lane (Charlotte) Hawthorne Lane (Charlotte)
   292221 ME-255.0 Hickory Grove (Charlotte) Hickory Grove (Charlotte)
   292538 ME-285.0 Light Of Christ (Charlotte) Light Of Christ (Charlotte)
   291886 ME-305.0 Memorial (Charlotte) Memorial (Charlotte)
   291922 ME-370.0 Selwyn (Charlotte) Selwyn (Charlotte)
   291944 ME-380.0 Myers Park (Charlotte) Myers Park (Charlotte)
   292540 ME-390.0 Oak Grove (Charlotte) Oak Grove (Charlotte)
   292607 ME-420.0 Pleasant Grove (Charlotte) Pleasant Grove (Charlotte)
   291966 ME-425.0 Providence (Charlotte) Providence (Charlotte)
   292447 ME-340.0 Moore's Chapel (Charlotte) Moore's Chapel (Charlotte)
   292117 ME-495.0 St. Andrew's (Charlotte) St. Andrew's (Charlotte)
   294082 ME-500.0 St. Francis (Charlotte) St. Francis (Charlotte)
   292174 ME-510.0 St. Mark's (Charlotte) St. Mark's (Charlotte)
   292061 ME-463.0 Sedgefield (Charlotte) Sedgefield (Charlotte)
   291875 ME-520.0 St. Stephen (Charlotte) St. Stephen (Charlotte)
   289132 ME-460.0 Sanctuary (NS) (Charlotte) Sanctuary (NS) (Charlotte)
   291795 ME-465.0 SouthPark (Charlotte) SouthPark (Charlotte)
   967276 ME-475.0 Simpson-Gillespie (Charlotte) Simpson-Gillespie (Charlotte)
   291716 ME-485.0 South Tryon Community Mission (Charlotte) South Tryon Community Mission (Charlotte)
   292700 ME-530.0 Thrift (Charlotte) Thrift (Charlotte)
   292722 ME-535.0 Trinity (Charlotte) Trinity (Charlotte)
   292733 ME-565.0 University City (Charlotte) University City (Charlotte)
   291671 ME-590.0 Wesley (Charlotte) Wesley (Charlotte)
   292083 ME-383.0 NorthDavidson A United Methodist Congregation (Charlotte) NorthDavidson (Charlotte)
   292482 ME-365.0 Mount Zion (Cornelius) Mount Zion (Cornelius)
   292141 ME-140.0 Davidson (Davidson) Davidson (Davidson)
   292185 ME-235.0 Harrison (Pineville) Harrison (Pineville)
   292345 ME-295.0 Matthews (Matthews) Matthews (Matthews)
   291658 ME-050.0 Blair Road (Mint Hill) Blair Road (Mint Hill)
   292584 ME-410.0 Pineville (Pineville) Pineville (Pineville)
   292265 ME-262.1 Huntersville (Huntersville) Huntersville (Huntersville) - Reactivate (Charlotte)
   288957 ME-200.1 All Nations (Charlotte) All Nations - Hunter's Chapel
   967813 ME-200.2 Hunter's Chapel (Cornelius) All Nations - Hunter's Chapel
   291988 ME-430.0 Purcell (Charlotte) Purcell (Charlotte)
   292414 ME-415.0 Plaza (Charlotte) Plaza (Charlotte)
   292106 ME-187.0 First Hmong Mission (Charlotte) First Hmong Mission (Charlotte)
   288070 ME-277.0 Journey (NS) Journey (NS)
   291864 ME-267.2 The Vine (Charlotte) Inclusion Community (Mooresville) - The Vine (Charlotte)

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