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Lincoln County - Church List

Charge Name
   967642 CV-095.0 Brevard's Chapel (Denver) Brevard's Chapel (Denver)
   294071 CV-180.0 Denver (Denver) Denver (Denver)
   968008 CV-200.0 Ebenezer (Denver) Ebenezer (Denver)
   294014 CV-220.1 Fairfield (Denver) Fairfield - Bethel (Denver)
   294058 CV-220.2 Bethel (Denver) Fairfield - Bethel (Denver)
   293852 CV-345.0 Hill's Chapel (Stanley) Hill's Chapel (Stanley)
   294093 CV-465.0 New Hope (Iron Station) New Hope (Iron Station)
   967937 CV-695.0 Tucker's Grove (Iron Station) Tucker's Grove (Iron Station)
   968010 CV-110.2 Rock Hill (Stanley) Burge Memorial - Rock Hill (Mount Holly)
   294036 CV-530.0 Salem (Denver) Salem (Denver)
   294138 CV-600.0 Webbs Chapel (Denver) Webbs Chapel (Denver)
   293021 CV-025.0 Asbury (Lincolnton) Asbury (Lincolnton)
   294116 CV-397.1 Lebanon (Denver) Lebanon - St. Paul's (Catawba)
   293225 CV-035.2 Bethlehem (Lincolnton) Bess Chapel - Bethlehem (Lincolnton)
   293395 CV-165.2 Pleasant Grove (Lincolnton) Crouse-Pleasant Grove
   293418 CV-165.1 Crouse (Crouse) Crouse-Pleasant Grove
   293407 CV-170.1 Crowell Memorial (Lincolnton) Crowell Memorial-Palm Tree
   294446 CV-170.2 Palm Tree (Vale) Crowell Memorial-Palm Tree
   293032 CV-335.2 Iron Station (Iron Station) High Shoals-Iron Station
   967926 CV-350.0 Hinton Memorial (Lincolnton) Hinton Memorial (Lincolnton)
   293817 CV-370.0 Ivey Memorial (Maiden) Ivey Memorial (Maiden)
   293054 CV-380.1 Laboratory (Lincolnton) Laboratory-Mary's Grove
   293260 CV-075.0 Boger City (Lincolnton) Boger City (Lincolnton)
   293761 CV-270.0 First (Lincolnton) First (Lincolnton)
   293783 CV-525.0 Rhyne Heights (Lincolnton) Rhyne Heights (Lincolnton)
   293828 CV-400.0 Marvin (Lincolnton) Marvin (Lincolnton)
   293830 CV-420.0 McKendree (Lincolnton) McKendree (Lincolnton)
   294468 CV-425.0 Messiah (Lincolnton) Messiah (Lincolnton)
   293863 CV-475.1 Macedonia (Vale) Northbrook (Macedonia - Reep's Grove)
   293954 CV-475.2 Reep's Grove (Vale) Northbrook (Macedonia - Reep's Grove)
   294003 CV-505.0 Pisgah (Lincolnton) Pisgah (Lincolnton)
   294413 CV-610.1 David's Chapel (Lawndale) West Lincoln (David's Chapel, Hebron, Laurel Hill)
   294424 CV-610.2 Hebron (Vale) West Lincoln (David's Chapel, Hebron, Laurel Hill)
   294435 CV-610.3 Laurel Hill (Vale) West Lincoln (David's Chapel, Hebron, Laurel Hill)
   968021 CV-560.0 St. James (Denver) St. James (Denver)

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