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Forsyth County - Church List

Charge Name
   294630 NP-035.0 Bethel (Oak Ridge) Bethel (Oak Ridge)
   303553 YV-090.0 Brookstown (Pfafftown) Brookstown (Pfafftown)
   303201 YV-095.0 Bunker Hill (Kernersville) Bunker Hill (Kernersville)
   303917 YV-155.0 Clemmons (Clemmons) Clemmons (Clemmons)
   303393 YV-260.2 Bethlehem (Winston-Salem) Forsyth - Stokes
   303416 YV-260.1 Antioch (Belews Creek) Forsyth - Stokes
   303382 YV-285.1 Hanes (Winston-Salem) Hanes-Hickory Ridge Administrative Charge
   303405 YV-285.2 Hickory Ridge (Winston-Salem) Hanes-Hickory Ridge Administrative Charge
   303440 YV-145.0 Cherry Street (Kernersville) Cherry Street
   303462 YV-345.0 Main Street (Kernersville) Main Street (Kernersville)
   303495 YV-475.0 Pine Grove (Kernersville) Pine Grove (Kernersville)
   303906 YV-310.0 Kingswood (Rural Hall) Kingswood (Rural Hall)
   304001 YV-295.2 Sharon (Lewisville) Harmony Grove - Sharon (Lewisville)
   303108 YV-295.1 Harmony Grove (Lewisville) Harmony Grove - Sharon (Lewisville)
   303520 YV-325.0 Lewisville (Lewisville) Lewisville (Lewisville)
   303861 YV-600.0 Sunrise (Lewisville) Sunrise (Lewisville)
   303872 YV-420.2 Tabernacle (Tobaccoville) Mount Pleasant (Tobaccoville) - Tabernacle
   304238 YV-420.1 Mount Pleasant (Tobaccoville) Mount Pleasant (Tobaccoville) - Tabernacle
   303666 YV-500.0 Pisgah (Kernersville) Pisgah (Kernersville)
   968566 YV-565.0 St. James (Rural Hall) St. James (Rural Hall)
   303143 YV-570.2 St. Mark (Winston-Salem) St. Mark - Germanton
   303223 YV-630.1 Concord (Lewisville) Union-Concord
   303611 YV-630.2 Union (Lewisville) Union-Concord
   304160 YV-340.0 Love's (Walkertown) Love's (Walkertown)
   304182 YV-385.0 Morris Chapel (Walkertown) Morris Chapel (Walkertown)
   304216 YV-645.2 Elm Grove (Winston-Salem) West Forsyth (Doubs, Elm Grove, Pleasant Hill)
   304273 YV-645.1 Doubs (Pfafftown) West Forsyth (Doubs, Elm Grove, Pleasant Hill)
   304295 YV-645.3 Pleasant Hill (Pfafftown) West Forsyth (Doubs, Elm Grove, Pleasant Hill)
   304240 YV-020.0 Ardmore (Winston-Salem) Ardmore (Winston-Salem)
   303438 YV-055.0 Bethel (Winston-Salem) Bethel (Winston-Salem)
   304262 YV-100.0 Burkhead (Winston-Salem) Burkhead (Winston-Salem)
   304284 YV-115.0 Centenary (Winston-Salem) Centenary (Winston-Salem)
   304307 YV-140.0 Central Terrace (Winston-Salem) Central Terrace (Winston-Salem)
   303245 YV-175.0 Crews (Winston-Salem) Crews (Winston-Salem)
   304364 YV-280.0 Green Street (Winston-Salem) Green Street (Winston-Salem)
   304397 YV-315.0 Konnoak Hills (Winston-Salem) Konnoak Hills (Winston-Salem)
   303542 YV-355.0 Maple Springs (Winston-Salem) Maple Springs (Winston-Salem)
   304422 YV-390.0 Mount Carmel (Winston-Salem) Mount Carmel (Winston-Salem)
   304444 YV-400.0 Mount Tabor (Winston-Salem) Mount Tabor (Winston-Salem)
   303724 YV-435.0 New Hope (Winston-Salem) New Hope (Winston-Salem)
   303848 YV-480.0 Pine Grove (Winston Salem) Pine Grove (Winston Salem)
   304400 YV-360.0 Marvin (Winston-Salem) Marvin (Winston-Salem)
   968260 YV-520.2 St. Andrew's (Winston-Salem) Saints Home-St. Andrew's
   968271 YV-520.1 Saints Home (Winston-Salem) Saints Home-St. Andrew's
   968282 YV-585.0 St. Paul (Winston-Salem) St. Paul (Winston-Salem)
   303985 YV-535.0 Sedge Garden (Kernersville) Sedge Garden (Kernersville)
   304466 YV-615.0 Trinity (Winston-Salem) Trinity (Winston-Salem)
   304488 YV-625.0 Union Ridge (Winston-Salem) Union Ridge (Winston-Salem)
   304251 YV-640.0 Wesley Memorial (Winston-Salem) Wesley Memorial (Winston-Salem)
   966911 YV-580.0 St. Paul (Kernersville) St. Paul (Kernersville)
   295851 NP-347.0 Mount Carmel (Stokesdale) Mount Carmel (Stokesdale)
   288081 YV-443.0 New Story (NS) New Story (NS)
   303688 YV-421.1 Mount Pleasant (Winston-Salem) Mount Pleasant (Winston-Salem) - Shiloh (Germanton)
   303212 YV-222.1 Antioch (Rural Hall) Faith (Rural Hall) - Antioch (Rural Hall)
   303781 YV-222.2 Faith (Rural Hall) Faith (Rural Hall) - Antioch (Rural Hall)
   288092 YV-274.0 G3 (Winston Salem) G3 (Winston-Salem)

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