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Davidson County - Church List

Charge Name
   302002 YV-635.0 Unity (Thomasville) Unity (Thomasville)
   300583 YV-005.0 Advance (Advance) Advance (Advance)
   301111 UW-030.0 Bethany (Lexington) Bethany (Lexington)
   300801 YV-060.0 Bethesda (Lexington) Bethesda (Lexington)
   301018 YV-070.0 Bethlehem (Advance) Bethlehem (Advance)
   301576 YV-105.0 Canaan (Winston-Salem) Canaan (Winston-Salem)
   300878 YV-110.0 Centenary (Clemmons) Centenary (Clemmons)
   300958 YV-130.1 Center (Mocksville) Center (Mocksville) - Salem
   301031 YV-130.2 Salem (Mocksville) Center (Mocksville) - Salem
   301532 UW-095.0 Chapel Hill (Denton) Chapel Hill (Denton)
   968087 YV-490.0 Piney Grove (Advance) Piney Grove (Advance)
   300823 UW-110.1 Cid (Denton) Cid - Fairview
   300834 UW-110.2 Fairview (Denton) Cid - Fairview
   300515 UW-120.2 Siloam (East Denton) Clear Springs - Siloam (East Denton)
   300993 UW-120.1 Clear Springs (Denton) Clear Springs - Siloam (East Denton)
   300867 YV-160.0 Concord (Mocksville) Concord (Mocksville)
   301452 YV-170.0 Cornatzer (Mocksville) Cornatzer (Mocksville)
   300960 UW-070.0 Central (Denton) Central (Denton)
   300504 UW-195.1 Canaan (Denton) First (Denton) - Canaan (Denton)
   300982 UW-195.2 First (Denton) First (Denton) - Canaan (Denton)
   301007 YV-190.0 Dulin (Mocksville) Dulin (Mocksville)
   300617 YV-205.0 Elbaville (Advance) Elbaville (Advance)
   301100 YV-220.0 Fairview (Thomasville) Fairview (Thomasville)
   301144 YV-230.1 Farmington (Mocksville) Farmington-Wesley Chpl
   301155 YV-230.2 Wesley Chapel (Mocksville) Farmington-Wesley Chpl
   301691 YV-270.0 Friendship (Lexington) Friendship (Lexington)
   300891 YV-275.0 Good Hope (Lexington) Good Hope (Lexington)
   301383 UW-250.2 Linwood (Linwood) Greer's Chapel-Linwood
   301202 UW-250.1 Greer's Chapel (Linwood) Greer's Chapel-Linwood
   300856 YV-290.0 Hardison (Mocksville) Hardison (Mocksville)
   300708 YV-300.0 Hillsdale (Advance) Hillsdale (Advance)
   301281 UW-170.0 First (Lexington) First (Lexington)
   301372 YV-330.0 Liberty (Mocksville) Liberty (Mocksville)
   301406 UW-290.0 Macedonia (Lexington) Macedonia (Lexington)
   301428 YV-370.0 Midway (Lexington) Midway (Lexington)
   300732 YV-380.0 Mocks (Advance) Mocks (Advance)
   300880 YV-045.2 Cooleemee (Cooleemee) Bethel (Mocksville) - Cooleemee (Cooleemee)
   301417 YV-045.1 Bethel (Mocksville) Bethel (Mocksville) - Cooleemee (Cooleemee)
   301441 YV-240.0 First (Mocksville) First (Mocksville)
   301485 UW-340.0 Mount Carmel (Lexington) Mount Carmel (Lexington)
   301086 YV-410.0 Mount Olive (Yadkinville) Mount Olive (Yadkinville)
   300936 YV-395.0 Mount Olivet (Lexington) Mount Olivet (Lexington)
   301598 YV-415.0 Mount Pleasant (Thomasville) Mount Pleasant (Thomasville)
   301543 YV-440.0 New Mount Vernon (Winston-Salem) New Mount Vernon (Winston-Salem)
   301474 YV-445.0 New Union (Mocksville) New Union (Mocksville)
   301463 YV-455.0 Oak Forest (Winston-Salem) Oak Forest (Winston-Salem)
   300971 YV-460.0 Oak Grove (Mocksville) Oak Grove (Mocksville)
   301782 YV-540.0 Shady Grove (Winston-Salem) Shady Grove (Winston-Salem)
   301827 YV-550.0 Shiloh (Lexington) Shiloh (Lexington)
   300526 YV-555.0 Smith Grove (Mocksville) Smith Grove (Mocksville)
   301521 UW-450.1 Alleghany (Denton) South Davidson
   301554 UW-450.2 Lineberry (Denton) South Davidson
   301612 UW-450.3 Pleasant Grove (Denton) South Davidson
   301918 YV-050.0 Bethel (Thomasville) Bethel (Thomasville)
   301920 YV-210.0 Fair Grove (Thomasville) Fair Grove (Thomasville)
   301942 YV-250.1 First (Thomasville) First (Thomasville) - Trinity (Thomasville)
   301986 YV-250.2 Trinity (Thomasville) First (Thomasville) - Trinity (Thomasville)
   301964 YV-365.0 Memorial (Thomasville) Memorial (Thomasville)
   301601 YV-485.2 Pine Woods (Thomasville) Pine Woods - Johnsontown (Thomasville)
   301997 YV-485.1 Johnsontown (Thomasville) Pine Woods - Johnsontown (Thomasville)
   301645 YV-505.0 Pleasant Grove (Thomasville) Pleasant Grove (Thomasville)
   302024 YV-422.0 West End (Thomasville) West End (Thomasville)
   301394 UW-490.0 Tyro (Lexington) Tyro (Lexington)
   301430 YV-152.0 Chestnut Grove (Mocksville) Chestnut Grove (Mocksville)
   301747 YV-655.0 Yadkin College (Lexington) Yadkin College (Lexington)
   301304 UW-480.0 Trinity (Lexington) Trinity (Lexington)
   300594 YV-030.0 Bailey's Chapel (Advance) Bailey's Chapel (Advance)
   301315 UW-498.0 Wesley Heights (Lexington) Wesley Heights (Lexington)
   300630 YV-273.0 Fulton (Advance) Fulton (Advance)
   301020 UW-147.1 Ebenezer (Lexington) Ebenezer - Reeds (Lexington)
   301758 UW-147.2 Reeds (Lexington) Ebenezer - Reeds (Lexington)
   968236 YV-137.0 Central (Thomasville) Central (Thomasville)
   968624 YV-082.0 Brooks Temple (Winston Salem) Brooks Temple (Winston Salem)
   301496 YV-617.0 Union Chapel (Mocksville) Union Chapel (Mocksville)
   301884 NP-222.2 Spring Hill (High Point) Highland - Spring Hill
   300914 YV-122.1 Arcadia (Clemmons) Center (Welcome) - Arcadia (Clemmons)
   302081 YV-122.2 Center (Welcome) Center (Welcome) - Arcadia (Clemmons)
   968134 UW-463.0 St. Stephen (Lexington) St. Stephen (Lexington)
   300812 UW-117.1 Clarksbury (Thomasville) Clarksbury (Thomasville) - Cotton Grove (Lexington)
   300903 UW-117.2 Cotton Grove (Lexington) Clarksbury (Thomasville) - Cotton Grove (Lexington)

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