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Ashe County - Church List

Charge Name
   288387 AP-080.0 Bethany (West Jefferson) Bethany (West Jefferson)
   288024 AP-220.1 Creston (Creston) Creston-Green Valley
   288046 AP-220.2 Green Valley (Creston) Creston-Green Valley
   288068 AP-220.3 Little Laurel (Creston) Creston-Green Valley
   288241 AP-220.4 Sutherland (Creston) Creston-Green Valley
   297495 AP-400.0 Grassy Creek (Grassy Creek) Grassy Creek (Grassy Creek)
   297564 AP-430.1 Helton (Lansing) Helton - Trinity
   297850 AP-430.2 Trinity (Lansing) Helton - Trinity
   297600 AP-470.0 Jefferson (Jefferson) Jefferson (Jefferson)
   288718 AP-600.1 Chestnut Hill (Jefferson) Nathan's Creek
   288731 AP-600.3 Transou (Laurel Springs) Nathan's Creek
   297702 AP-600.2 Nathan's Creek (Crumpler) Nathan's Creek
   288822 AP-800.1 Clifton (Warrensville) Warrensville
   288866 AP-800.2 Smethport (West Jefferson) Warrensville
   297848 AP-800.3 Warrensville (Warrensville) Warrensville
   297883 AP-820.0 West Jefferson (West Jefferson) West Jefferson (West Jefferson)
   288797 AP-605.1 Calvary (Fleetwood) New River Charge
   288811 AP-605.3 Zion (Todd) New River Charge

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